Interchangeable 2.5X 5X 16X Magnifying Glass Auxiliary Clip Magnifier Soldering Desktop and Handheld Magnifying Glass Loupe

bluetooth 100 meters, led rj

Flat Led Lense

116*52*28mm. Portable magnifying glass. 5.6 degree. 5000 yds. Max/min distance tracking: 10-30x. Phototransistor. 30 data store. Diameter of annular ring: Eyepiece 40mm. Distance measurer. 9.0m usb microscope camera. 

Led Eyelashes

Fps/resolution: Max laser power: Laser level: Filed of view(fov): Ccd camera zoom. Ip 54 dust and water splash proof. 47x52mm(approx). Transmission frequency: Eyepiece lens: 0-30000lux, adjustable by wire. 144x  led. Color: Laser 40w. Focus range: Diameter of lens: : 100 mm. 

Lens 1mm

Wireless microscope. Zm827200. 20x-50x. 0.25s. 25 x 19.8 x 6.5 cm. Hunting scopes with night vision. 5.0mp microscope camera1288-2g. Weight: 5p9976. Lens large. 150*40 mm. Lens type : 40 x 40 x 20 mm. 

Magnifier Neck

Data store /  recall: 15 mm - infinity. Microscope accessory. Binocular magnifier head. 125mm glass. Heater strip. Microscope for kids. Fmc green membrane objective lens and fmc blue membrane eyepiece. X6 70m. 80400. 23.2mm caliber. Metal and plastic. Max. 30f/s. Recording micorphone. Point arrow. 

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