Micro USB Atmega328P Nano V3.0 CH340 USB Driver WithTerminal Adapter Expansion Board 2 in 1 Micro controller Module for Arduino

cable c clips, microscope hand

Eeprom Programmer Tms370

Multimeter test probe. Mini microscope. Lcd digital multimeter uni-t. Alumina crucible. Sun2. Lcd backlight display: Manual/auto range. An8000 an8001 an8002 an8004 an8008 an8009. German type power meter. 2 line and 3 line. 

Aquarium 3d

Humidity range: Voltage range: User manual instruction. 1080p, 720p, vga. Zk299900230vac 50/60hz. Wholesale hony imax. Tec1-12710Security mask. Pm18c. Focus microscope. Digital lcd thermometer indoor hygrometer meter. 2pcs of  aaa 7 batteries. 3v/0.8ma. Thermostat with pid control

Audio Level Indicator Ka2284

Tcs230. color sensor. Resistance: 0.1ohm to 20mohm. Dt3266l. 8x30 monocular. Tube preamplifier. Auto tachometer. Ac/dc voltage. Lux meter. Control output: Wholesale controllability matrix. 50 - 99 psi. Acehe. Wholesale detector metal. 

Banana Insulated

4.dc millivolt (true rms): Buzzer alarm: Time: Smd component tester: Weiheng. Resistance measurement: Pen test. Ac lcd digital volt watt meter. One lr44 button cell (not included)Arm isp programmer. Wholesale all-sun em2271. Thermostat intelligent. 450 thermometer. 

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